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Damion Lee, who played for the Golden State Warriors, will be getting a new contract. The wing is going to make $1,910,860 over the next two years, which is about 19 percent of his current salary. Lee has been with the Warriors for four seasons and has played in the rotation for three of them. His salary is around $140 per post, or $7.25/cpm, which is good for a wing.

Lee is currently playing his final season on a two-way deal with the Warriors. He isn’t expected to make a significant impact in the playoffs this season, but he brings an athleticism to the table. He ranks in the 81st percentile in steals per 75 possessions, and he is the 89th percentile in defensive position versatility. The Warriors didn’t want to part with Lee, since he’s already been an important player

Lee played his final four seasons with the Warriors, starting 42 games. He averaged 8.1 points per game on 44.8% shooting from the field. He also had a stellar free throw percentage. His career free throw percentage is 86.8%, which ranks him 19th among active NBA players. He’s made over 250 free throws, which is good for the 19th-best percentage in the NBA. During the Warriors’ 2021-22 title run, Lee averaged 7.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and one assist per game

The news of Lee’s new deal with the Suns is huge for the franchise and the league. As a free agent, Lee will spend the next season with the Phoenix Suns. He played for the Golden State Warriors for four seasons and won the NBA Championship with them last month. Damion Lee played 63 games for the Warriors in the regular season, averaging 7.4 points on 44.6% shooting, 3.4 rebounds, and 1.4 assists. The contract will last one year


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