Fight Betting Vs Money Line

Before betting on the game, make sure you understand the differences between bout betting and money line. While moneyline bets offer more value, spread bets offer fewer options. A moneyline bet has a much higher payout for the underdog, and a smaller payout for the favorite. It can help you determine which team offers the best value.

The difference between a money line and an over/under is simple. The former represents the favorite, while the latter is the underdog. If a fighter is +300, then he is considered a 3-to-1 underdog. If he wins by four rounds, he would win a $100 bet. If he loses, he will lose the bet.

Moneylines are most common in lower scoring sports. This is because the scoreline is more closely matched. In a baseball game, for example, Houston is favored at home and has a -175 money line. If the game ends with a tie, the moneyline is -150. However, if there is a change in pitching, this will cancel out the bet.

Betting on a moneyline underdog has many disadvantages. For one, it is harder to win moneyline bets than on a straight-up bet. While the payoff is higher, the risk is also greater. When betting on the moneyline, you have to take into account the vig or juice that the sportsbooks charge.

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