berufliche Neuorientierung nach Burnout

If you are a Burnout Betroffene, berufliche Neuorientierung can be an important part of your treatment. However, this new direction must not exhaust your verfugbare resources. Wiedereingliederungsangebote from vocational recovery providers, such as job coaches, can be a useful option. Similarly, a wholehearted Berufswahl or Orientierungskoach can provide support in identifying a new career biographyer path.

When a person is reorientated, their career can go in a completely new direction. Sometimes, this change occurs within the same company, or it can be a result of a plethora of other factors. For example, the changing nature of the job market may create a new field, or a company may decide to eliminate a certain position. Moreover, digitization may create new jobs and automate existing ones.

A job change is difficult, especially for someone who has been working in one place for several years. In addition, he might not be able to adjust to the new profession in the same way as a young person. In this case, it is advisable to give yourself some time off and not to jump back into your previous job. If possible, you should gradually increase your workload, but remain self-aware.

Apart from burnout, berufliche neuorientation can also accompany the Wiedereinstieg after a crisis or illness. In both cases, the situation is often stressful, and the stress of the return to work can make it difficult to focus on work. If you want to overcome this, you may choose to change your role or even start a business.

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